Learners will be able…
… to look at the meaning of peace from different perspectives.
… to develop their own definition of peace.
… to build awareness about the importance of peace.


You need:

  • 25-30 minutes
  • 2-25 people (no limit)
  • Pictures of peace signs, symbols and gestures around the world
  • A blank piece of paper and pencils


Instructions (Step-by-Step)

  • Use the calendar with the current quote as focus point.
  • What is peace? Ask your learners to think about the meaning of peace and collect their own definitions.
  • Now tell them the official definition of peace.
  • After that show the a few pictures of different peace signs and gestures from around the world and discuss them with them.
  • In the next step, hand the learners a piece of paper and a few pencils and let them design their own peace sign.
  • In the last step, let the learners show the rest of the group their creations and ask them to explain their design.