Learners will be able…
… to discover and reflect on the journey immigrants take when taking the decision to move to a new country.

You need:

  • 30 minutes
  • Tutor with the whole class
  • Cards, pens and wastepaper basket


Instructions (Step-by-Step)

  • The tutor will hand out cards and pens to all participants before starting the activity.
  • The tutor will then read aloud to the whole class the following challenges that occur at the time of immigration to a new country:
    • Leaving behind loved ones.
    • Leaving behind career, studies.
    • Leaving home and community.
    • Moving away from familiar places.
  • The tutor will then ask learners to silently reflect on how an immigrant might feel about moving abroad. Those have immigrated might consider their own situation.
  • Learners will then be asked to write down the most important thing that they left behind or that they could imagine leaving behind when immigrating.
  • After everyone has finished writing, the tutor will ask learners one by one to read out the contents of their card.
  • Once everyone has discussed their ideas or experiences, learners will throw the cards in the waste bin.
  • The tutor will open a discussion to conclude, covering the following questions:
    • What process do people who emigrate go through to rebuild their lives in the host society?
    • Is it difficult to leave everything they have lived through behind?
    • What role can educational institutions play in welcoming people into the area?
    • What are the first difficulties people go through when they emigrate?
    • Is it possible to adapt to the place, the culture, the language, etc.?