Learners will be able…
… to see how their decisions and actions can impact the world around them.
… to define their own meaning of green careers.
… to understand the impact their career choices can have on the environment.


You need:

  • 15-20 minutes
  • 2-25 people (no limit)
  • Piece of paper


Instructions (Step-by-Step)

  • Use the calendar with the current quote as focus point.
  • Ask your learners if they think career choices can have an impact on the environment. Is there any influence or not?
  • Now take a blank piece of paper and hand it to the first participant. Ask her or him to bend or rip the paper or do anything else they want with the paper and then hand it to the next one who should do the same. Now continue until the piece is completely ripped.
  • In the next step take it back and unfold everything again. Now show them the wrecked paper. Talk with them how that clean piece of paper is now crumpled and destroyed.
  • Let them discuss how their actions changed the first form of the paper and if they like it that way. Then ask them how they can put this metaphor over their career choices.