Learners will be able…
… to raise their cultural awareness.
… share unique cultural aspects with their peers.


You need:

  • 30 minutes
  • Tutor with at least 10 learners
  • Flipchart/board, pens, board pens


Instructions (Step-by-Step)

  • The tutor will briefly introduce the topic of inclusion and diversity.
  • Each learner will in turn be asked to think about something unique about them they do not share with anyone else in the class. This might be specific to their culture but should be something that sets them apart from the other learners.
  • Each learner will then act out the unique thing about their culture in front of the class without speaking (Charades style)
  • The rest of the class must guess what is being acted out. After 5 guesses, if no one has guessed correctly, the learner acting has to explain what they were acting out and why it is unique to them.
  • Finally, the tutor will conclude about the importance diversity and the importance of inclusion.