Learners will be able…
… to get to know their peers and value and respect them as part of a group.


You need:

  • 40 minutes
  • Tutor and at least 12 learners
  • Papers and pencils


Instructions (Step-by-Step)

  • First of all, the educator will hand out a sheet of paper listing different traits /likes / culture that another learner might have (list can be modified to suit learners).
    • likes to read a lot
    • does not like to eat sweet things
    • wants to be a teacher when he/she grows up.
    • who is their famous singer
    • wears a bracelet or a necklace that means something to them
    • has more than four siblings
    • was not born in the town/city/area they are learning in
    • is not afraid of the dark
    • has a different religion
    • has older siblings
    • has a different culture
  • Once all learners have received their handout, the tutor will give 25 minutes for everyone to move freely around the group looking for people who have the characteristic listed in each phrase and to write at least one name for each.
  • When everyone has completed their list, the tutor will invite everyone to think about each of their peers and what they have associated them with on the list.
  • One learner will be chosen and, taking it in turns, the other people in the group will say what they value and like the most about him/her.
  • Educator will continue until each learner has heard what the others think of him/her.
  • At the end, the educator will ask to the learners to write on their papers answering and reflecting the following questions:
    • How did you feel getting to know your peers?
    • Did you learn about how the other people in the group see you?
    • Have you learned things about how other people in the group see you?
    • Did what they said help you to get to know each other better?
    • What aspects do you like about your peers?
    • What aspects did you like about your peers?
    • What do you appreciate about yourselves?
    • What do you appreciate about your peers?
    • What do your class has in common
    • What makes you different from your colleagues?