Learners will be able…
… calm down and gain acceptance for themselves.

You need:

  • 15 minutes
  • 1-25 persons (no limit)
  • A room without distractions that provides some quiet time


Instructions (Step-by-Step)

  • Ask your learners to take a seat, to make themselves comfortable and to close their eyes.
  • Now, read the following sentences out loud for them and after each prompt, give them some time to feel and reflect (ca. 3-5 seconds).
    1. Take a breath through your nose and exhale.
    2. Feel the ground beneath you.
    3. Feel how your feet are resting on the ground.
    4. Your feet are connecting you with the ground.
    5. Feel how the soles of your feet are strong and powerful.
    6. Feel how heavy your feet rest on the ground.
    7. Now, concentrate on your ankles – your calves – your knees.
    8. Concentrate on your thighs.
    9. Feel your whole legs.
    10. Feel how heavy your legs are.
    11. Feel how warm your legs are.
    12. Your legs are heavy and warm.
    13. Take a deep breath.
    14. Feel your right arm.
    15. Your right arm is heavy.
    16. Your right arm is warm.
    17. Your right arm is heavy and warm.
    18. The weight and warmth of your right arm feel relaxing.
    19. Your right arm is heavy, warm and relaxed.
    20. Now, feel your left arm.
    21. Your left arm is heavy.
    22. Your left arm is warm.
    23. Your left arm is heavy and warm.
    24. The weight and warmth of your left arm feel relaxing.
    25. Your left arm is heavy, warm and relaxed.
    26. Your whole body feels heavy, warm and relaxed.
    27. Notice how your breath is steady and calm.
    28. Your breath comes and goes like calm ocean waves.
    29. No need to control, your breath does everything on its own.
    30. Now say the following quietly to yourself:
    31. “I am proud of my feet that connect me to the ground.”
    32. “I am proud of my legs that carry me through the day.”
    33. “I am proud of my arms that clear every obstacle in my way.”
    34. “I am proud of my breath that gives me the strength to prevail.”
    35. “I am proud of me.”
    36. “My needs are important.”
    37. “I am great the way I am.”
    38. “I am talented.”
    39. “I am creative.”
    40. “I am valued.”
    41. “I am me.”
    42. “I am ready to take on whatever comes next.”
    43. Now, take a deep breath and slowly start to move.
    44. Move your arms, your legs, your feet.
    45. Open your eyes and stretch.
  • Give your learner some time to adjust. Ask them how they feel.
  • If you and your learners enjoyed this autogenic training, make it a ritual to find some peace and calmness in stressful times. There are many autogenic training videos/audios available free of charge.