Learners will be able…
… to reflect on their own creative thinking.
… to compare their own solutions to others’ and find (dis)similarities.
… to observe the way others’ solutions affect their own thinking process.


You need:

  • 15 minutes
  • At least 3 people
  • Pens and paper


Instructions (Step-by-Step)

  • Give the handouts to the learners. Instruct them to draw on the papers, using as many circles as they can in any creative way they can think of. Let them know they will only have 3 minutes time.
  • After these 3 minutes, have the learners pass their handout to another learner. Give them a minute to observe their new handout, then repeat the above instructions.
  • Repeat step 2 once again.
  • Discuss with the learners:
  • How did they tackle the problem at hand when they got a clean sheet of paper? Was it difficult for them to begin? Did they plan their final outcome or did they decide on how to use each of the circles individually?
  • What about when they got the handout of the co-learner? In which way was their new handout different than the one they started with? Did they tackle the problem differently the second time around? Or the third? (E.g. Did they continue with the way they used up the circles in their original design or did the way the other people started influence their choices? Did they continue or add to their new design?)
  • Let the learners share their designs among themselves. Do they like their final outcome? Are they happy with how their original handout turned out?
  • Discuss how this might reflect in real life environments.