EVERYDAY LIFE INCLUSION    Learners will be able… … reflect their own actions in relation to other people. … be more sensitive about other’s needs. … understand the importance of “proper” inclusion in everyday life.   You need: 15-20 minutes 2-25 persons (no limit) A blind fold   Instructions (Step-by-Step) Ask one of the participants … Read more


INNOVATION BUBBLES   Learners will be able… … to reflect on their own creative thinking. … to compare their own solutions to others’ and find (dis)similarities. … to observe the way others’ solutions affect their own thinking process.   You need: 15 minutes At least 3 people Pens and paper   Instructions (Step-by-Step) Give the … Read more


SMALL PIECES OF A PUZZLE MAKE A BIG PICTURE   Learners will be able… … to compare and contrast their characteristics and abilities in relation to others. … to identify their unique strengths/qualities. … to recognize and assess different ways in which various characteristics of different people relate to one another to form a functioning … Read more


LOST IN TRANSLATION   Learners will be able… … to observe the way different languages co-create our social reality. … to identify potential obstacles when trying to convey a message in a multi-linguistic setting. … to discuss benefits of linguistic diversity.   You need: 10-15 minutes At least 4 people   Instructions (Step-by-Step) Divide the … Read more


ACCEPTANCE MEDITATION   Learners will be able… … calm down and gain acceptance for themselves. You need: 15 minutes 1-25 persons (no limit) A room without distractions that provides some quiet time   Instructions (Step-by-Step) Ask your learners to take a seat, to make themselves comfortable and to close their eyes. Now, read the following … Read more


DIVERSITY JOURNEY   Learners will be able… … to identify ways in which gender might play a role in various professional settings. … to name and critically think of various reasons behind existence of gendered professions and identify potential ways of challenging gender perception, gender role and supporting inclusion and diversity. … to examine and … Read more


INCLUSIVENESS AND TOLERANCE   Learners will be able… … define inclusiveness and tolerance. … recall concrete examples of inclusiveness and tolerance in everyday life.   You need: 20 minutes 2-25 persons (no limit) Cards or sticky notes (optional, but recommended for big groups) You can print the PDF that includes the questions/prompts, but you can … Read more


ANTI-STEREOTYPES    Learners will be able… …to understanding of how gender inequality has become the norm over time and will be able to self-reflect on their own subconscious gender stereotypes.   You need: 30 minutes Tutor with at least 6 learners Pencils, colouring pens   Instructions (Step-by-Step) The tutor will briefly introduce the topic of … Read more


INCLUSION CHARADES   Learners will be able… … to raise their cultural awareness. … share unique cultural aspects with their peers.   You need: 30 minutes Tutor with at least 10 learners Flipchart/board, pens, board pens   Instructions (Step-by-Step) The tutor will briefly introduce the topic of inclusion and diversity. Each learner will in turn … Read more


VIRTUAL DEBATE    Learners will be able… … to take on board and sympathise with people who have the opposite point of view from their own. … to reflect on their own position and how their own belief may not fully stand up.   You need: 40 minutes Tutor with at least 6 learners Pens … Read more