NO ACT TO SMALL   Learners will be able… … to identify the ways small acts effect people/environment within their ecosystem. … understand significant change can be brought upon by a vast number of small but consistent steps in a certain direction. … to reflect on their own contribution to change within different aspects of … Read more


LIFE IN PLASTIC   Learners will be able… … to examine detrimental effects of plastic (over)usage. … to identify and critically assess possible ways of reducing use of plastic and exploiting alternative sources.   You need: 15 minutes 2-25 people (no limit) Whiteboard/board/flipchart   Instructions (Step-by-Step) Ask the learners to list examples of everyday items … Read more


WHAT HAS SCIENCE DONE FOR YOU?   Learners will be able… … to identify ways in which science is transforming our world. … to understand the role science has played in the shaping of (human) lives. … to describe connections between scientific discovery, development, cooperation, everyday life, social and cultural change, value systems, environment. … … Read more


FUTURE-PROOF YOUR CLASSROOM    Learners will be able… … to gain knowledge on how to increase sustainability and help future-proof their education institution.   You need: 30 minutes Tutor with at least 8 learners Pens, sticky notes   Instructions (Step-by-Step) The tutor will briefly explain how the European Green Deal aims to rebuild economies and … Read more


HOW GREEN IS MY CAREER CHOICE?    Learners will be able… … to see how their decisions and actions can impact the world around them. … to define their own meaning of green careers. … to understand the impact their career choices can have on the environment.   You need: 15-20 minutes 2-25 people (no … Read more


SUSTAINABLE MOBILITY  Learners will be able… … to recall the benefits of mobility and sustainable transport.   You need: 45 minutes Tutor with the whole class Big Balloons   Instructions (Step-by-Step) The tutor will give each learner the opportunity to answer one of the multiple-choice questions below (correct answers are highlighted) 1. What are the … Read more


MY GREEN ORGANISATION    Learners will be able… … to define the meaning of green professions. … to assess how green the professions or institutions they attend are. … to understand the importance of green jobs.   You need: 25-35 minutes 2-25 people (no limit) Pencils in green, orange and red for each participant One … Read more


EVERYDAY CARBON FOOTPRINT   Learners will be able… … to better understand how everyday choices and changes in lifestyle can impact the planet. … to understand how everyday actions, especially in accumulation, relate to power and resource consumption, emissions, waste; and identify potential areas of improvement in their everyday choices in pollution reduction. … to … Read more


UNSUSTAINABLE I SPY…!    Learners will be able… … to establish good habits for their daily lives and identify what harms the environment.   You need: 35 minutes Tutor with the whole class   Instructions (Step-by-Step) The tutor will proceed to explain to the game “I Spy…” but with a twist… Learners will each in … Read more


WHAT IS MY CO2 FOOTPRINT?  Learners will be able… … to recognise behaviours that result in a high CO2 footprint. … to counteract their CO2 footprint through environmentally friendly actions.   You need: 15 minutes 1-25 people (no limit) PC/Smartphone/Tablet and internet connection   Instructions (Step-by-Step) Go to Go to the converter. This web … Read more